How we started Fresh Produce Philippines

We are learning more about nutrition’s these days and that eating fresh fruits and vegetables helps to keep us healthy. The growing traffic situation in Metro Manila made us realize that it's getting harder to get fresh produce into the city. We wanted to help the farmers to bring their produce to the city and make shopping fresh farmer produce in Metro Manila easier. This is how we started back in 2016 our online fruit and vegetable delivery service.

Fresh Produce aims for a better livelihood for the farmers

One of the challenges that farmers have in the province is the logistics. We see the struggle of getting their fresh produces to the city without damaging the fruits and vegetables. By bypassing the standard steps in the distribution system that most farmers go through, we reduce the steps. We collaborate with farmers and help them to distribute directly to the city.

Through our online shop and at your doorstep delivery service, we can help farmers to get better profits and improve their livelihood.

Farmer fresh vegetable and fruit produce brought to your doorstep

We promise you truly fresh goods delivered to your home or office. To keep the fruits and vegetables farmer fresh, we store the fruits in our refrigerated trucks. All the goods are handpicked and we can guarantee the freshest produce.

Orange Ponkan1xOrange Ponkan PHP 32.00
Apple Fuji1xApple Fuji PHP 38.00
Orange1xOrange PHP 40.00
Eggplant1xEggplant PHP 28.00
Mango Ripe1xMango Ripe PHP 42.00
Carrots1xCarrots PHP 50.00
Potato1xPotato PHP 47.00
Alugbhati1xAlugbhati PHP 12.00
Apple Fuji1xApple Fuji PHP 28.00
Avocado Hass1xAvocado Hass PHP 205.00
Blueberry Imported 170gms1xBlueberry Imported 170gms PHP 480.00
Cook's Chicken Drumstick 1kg1xCook's Chicken... PHP 225.00
Cook's Chicken Thigh 1kg1xCook's Chicken Thigh 1kg PHP 225.00
Cook's Chicken Wings 700g1xCook's Chicken Wings 700g PHP 185.00
Cook's Chicken, Whole Frozen1xCook's Chicken, Whole... PHP 220.00

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